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LGBT+ History Month - creating more supportive workplaces

Posted by Tracy Powley 14/02/20

In L.G.B.T.+ history month we look at some valuable lessons from leading Inclusion and L.G.B.T.+ advocate Shaun Dellenty’s work…

Team Tuesday - Introducing Chris Howley

Posted by Kate Ridley 04/02/20

PilotThis month’s Team Tuesday introduction is Chris Howley, Associate Learning & Development Consultant. You can find him flying high in the clouds…… 

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“It’s just a bit of banter” ... how jokes that go too far can affect our mental health

Posted by Tracy Powley 03/02/20

As we approach Time to Talk day on 6th Feb , we take a look at the impact that jokes and humour can have on mental health, when they cross the line and why we need to help our teams understand where the lines are…..