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Inappropriate Behaviour at Work- are you hoping it will just go away?

Posted by Tracy Powley 06/11/17

If you have a sense that there may be some issues… no matter how small at this stage, it is the time to investigate further and nip things in the bud.

Is there a "Weinstein" type scandal waiting to happen in your Organisation?

Posted by Tracy Powley 30/10/17

ApproachWe know from our work in helping organisations tackle inappropriate and unacceptable behaviour that the problems often start with incidents, which are more subtle and often brushed off as “a bit of banter”...

Belbin meets Heavy Metal!

Posted by Chris Brown 13/10/17

Chris Brown, coach and trainer explores how Belbin’s Team Roles apply beyond work teams and helps explain why ‘rock and roll’ can be such a volatile business!