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Working in the Market of One - Part 1

Posted by Graham Elder - Associate Learning and Development Consultant 01/02/18

Working in the Market of One - Part 1

One of the themes which underpins our work is that it is not just about getting results …. it is also about how those results are achieved. Developing the most effective behaviours is key.

In this first of three blogs, our facilitator Graham Elder looks at the behaviours which lead to successful relationship building in a sales and marketing context. Look out for the second and third in the series in the next few weeks.

Now is the time to stop workplace bullying

Posted by Tracy Powley 16/01/18

People ManagementWe are delighted to have our blog in People Management online...

Unacceptable behaviour at work - we have an opportunity to make a difference for everyone

Posted by Tracy Powley 15/12/17

While the coverage and raised awareness around sexual misconduct are vital discussions, which need to be kept high on organisations' agendas, they also give us an opportunity to broaden the exploration of what is acceptable and unacceptable behaviour at work ....