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Supporting a Diverse and Inclusive Culture

For any organisation that is serious about creating a more diverse workforce and a genuinely inclusive workplace, there will need to be an ongoing focus on the culture, evolving over time, rather than pockets of initiatives.

We offer a range of practical support - from D and I data gathering to interactive workshops focussing on race awareness - which will help either establish or maintain that focus and help you achieve your D and I goals.

Steps to Inclusion Review

Our facilitated review process picks you up from wherever you are in your D and I journey and provides an invaluable “moment in time” health check. It analyses current workplace practices and highlights the changes needed to build a fully inclusive workplace for the future. The recommendations are broken down into highly practical short, medium and long term suggestions  

Workforce composition

Gathering Without knowing what the make-up of your workforce is, it is virtually impossible to put support into the right areas. A workforce composition survey (D and I survey) will give you some base line data to work with, to help prioritise your time and resources. Having an external provider conduct the survey can help to allay concerns over confidentiality.

We help with

  • Internal communication and positioning of the survey to encourage participation
  • Best practice wording of questions
  • Ste up and management of the survey
  • Analysis of results – what does the data tell you?
  • Recommendations for next steps

Strategy and Policies

A D and I strategy will provide the vital focus for facilitating change. The key is that it is linked to organisational goals and broken down into a roadmap for achieving them.  We are able to provide support to formulate a D and I strategy and create inclusive policies. This can be done in a number of ways such as:

  • Facilitating a Board session or D and I group to agree goals and develop a strategy
  • Coaching for HR or D and I leads
  • Workshops which help Leaders and D and I groups scrutinise policies through the lens of inclusion

Creating an Inclusive Culture – Interactive Workshops

We tailor a range of workshops to raise awareness and create action in a number of specific areas:

For an initial exploratory chat about any of the above, call us on 01903 732 782 email on or fill in our contact form

All of our workshops and coaching can be run virtually as well as face to face.